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Meet The Team






The battles within have no bruises that people around you can see, but you are the only one feeling the pain from these bruises. The comforting thing is that we can support you in healing from these wounds that no one can see. We can see them as we work and walk side by side with you in your healing journey.



Jada Stricker, Graduated from the University with a Bachelor of Kinesiology. She has been working in the fitness industry as an instructor and kinesiologist since 2009. She has worked with many fitness facilities, the City of Calgary, and has run her own company Arubahfitness. She is excited to work with the Uncle Mike foundation inspiring lives through their STEPUP 2U wellness program. 



Douglas is our favourite! He has a compassionate considerate heart for single Mom's in whom gives resources of advice to encourage you! His kind spirit is a humbling wise source of information! for you to succeed in your situations!


Pastor Ernest

Ernest is a powerful intersessor for all your most inner deep need to overcome those obstacles that you can't climb! His safe gentle demeanour will minister to you and propel you out of those barriers. 

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