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Chantel Paris

President, Founder & CEO Of - The Uncle Mike Foundation; i.e.

"Healing & Restoration Services Movement.


"Her Voice was heard when she left"

Bio - Two time published Author Chantel Paris & ADVOCATE for Domestic Violence. 'Paris holds a Diploma in, Human Services Professional Specialization. As well, a Chaplain, and Mother; her experiences; ten years involvement in youth and woman prisons. Propelled Chantel with a   Warrior spirit to counsel; to help, to edify, to build up those in desperate need.

A word from the Author -

"I spent years with those who struggle with addictions, prostitution, mental health, most of all whom where youth. But what I saw wasn't just those issues. It was a daughter, a brother, a  human being that just needed to be heard, and loved. "They carry a screaming child inside them, "look at me" Mom, Dad!  A childhood in an environment that wasn't conducive for a child to  grow up in. To shape them properly  in society to thrive and grow. The mandate and vision here is to Nurture re-build, uproot, and position them in a turn-around right standing posture in life.

If you are a victim
or wish to report
an incident,
call us,
24 hours a day,
7 days a week 


ADDRESS: #2, 5660- 10st NE.Calgary, AB
Appointment: 403-464-7702

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