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The Uncle Mike Foundation Healing & Restoration Mental Health and Addictions.

Cohabitation in midst of a World pandemic my heart was beating fast in a wonder –

“What about the people who suffer from mental health?”

“What about women who need to flee from domestic situations, isolated?”

“What about the youth released from corrections and confined again a second time isolated?”

This was racing through my mind, with a desire to move and act on behalf of the people. For them to know that there can be a place of solace a place of refuge. A place with programs, a place with a listening ear. A place of healing and a place whereas restoration can be done, to restore what was lost in you.

Lastly, a place that could be free, no cost, no hassle no headache, no worry.  A place to sit reform, share, and fellowship a place of understanding in a world of hurt with unanswered questions.

The dawning of a new day during a storm, counselling, visual arts (painting, flagging dance),STEPUP 2U (fitness), Clinical, BRAVE (this is me a catalytic movement for girls), Mindfulness. These programs are tailored to one’s individual Journey in a COVID crisis.

The Uncle Mike Foundation is a tribute to my late brother Mike. Tragically, lost in addiction and took his own life, I felt that my children needed to know that even though he was gone, a Foundation in memory of him would keep his name alive. Especially when I can empathize with the population suffering, I can sit in their shoes literally, for, “I walked it” with my brother.  “I walked it, in hearing the stories of the youth for 10 years in the youth prison 12-17 working as their Chaplain. “I walked it. Hearing the stories of the Woman in prison 18+ as their Chaplain.

There was nothing I wanted more than to dive into creating my own Company that could sustain them, to continue to walk with them. An aftercare program that is walking alongside and stays. Until they are ready to walk alone with a cheerleader from afar clapping their hands, “go on”. This is me, the cheerleader.

With the aid of the Alberta Government Mental Health and Addictions sector.  they aided to my call and Granted a full year of this initiative, to keep the public afloat. With paying for the costs completely for 6 individuals per month for 12 months. The public can then take advantage of stress-free nonpayment for the program. The clients that have come to us have mentioned the ease they have felt in not worrying about yet another bill in their life to add with cost, but once and for all can relax for a second. Just to breathe with a place of trust- to Capture the moments of trials in their life with – nurture- The dawning of a new day has come.

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